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Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital 

the team

We are a group of individuals with a passion for animals, history, science and education. We are parents and partners for a sustainable future. We unplug and connect to our world, embracing the beautiful place  we call home. We are creating a place to share these passions. The Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital Living Museum will provide an exciting hands on, interactive space for young and old.



Celebrating History in Marina, California

Fort Ord Equine Foundation 

Engaging our community in history & science

There is so much history right here in our own backyard! 

Did you know young cadets from all over the United States were sent to Fort Ord to learn to be a calvaryman in the US Army?

Did you know horses were shipped to the Peninsula from all over the United States?

Did you know the Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital was built to care for the equine soldiers both used both in the calvary and in horse drawn field artillery?

Veterinary medicine has evolved immensely since the Army Veterinary Corps treated horses at Fort Ord.


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