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Pandemic Safe Outings & Exercise for Teens

Fort Ord Equine Foundation was established to unplug our kids and engage them with the world around them, teaching about our past and looking toward our future at the historic Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital Museum. As our founder and a Tevis Cup veterinarian, I was saddened to see the Tevis Cup cancelled. The Western States Virtual Ride was the perfect opportunity to get some teens out of the house safely while increasing awareness of endurance riding and trail conservation.

Woo hoo!! Super proud Fort Ord Equine Foundation raised some funds for the Tevis Cup 100 Mile One Day Ride - Western States Trail Foundation sponsoring three horses and 8 runners.

We are proud to announce we have some finishers!!

Most of us went back to the trailer before vetting out so our finish time was a bit delayed. Bib 525 little Icelandic rockstar Ellie. Not only did Ellie, the wonder pony, walk and trot 100 miles she is helping a group of children learn about horses and endurance (while getting more miles)! Niar

, Bib 523 and Briljant 929 finished too! Juniors Donovan Bib 86, Cameron and Tyler Bib 85 finished on foot. CJ is at 97.8 miles and Allison with Bib 250 is more than half way!

Thank you Fort Ord Equine Foundation for unplugging those teens and getting them outside to cover some territory.

We still have a few riders out and I see the finish time has been extended...these back of the packers just may use all the time they have.......

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