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Misinformation Abounds as Ponies Lives are Threatened

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Myth: The Marina Equestrian Center Park is permitted to operate as a private long-term horse boarding facility. This is FALSE.

Myth: The City of Marina intended to close down the Marina Equestrian Center Park. This is FALSE.

Myth: Low cost horse boarding will be eliminated and replaced by more expensive boarding. This is FALSE.

Myth: A wealthy developer is coming in to evict everyone and develop the property. This is FALSE.

Myth: A horse surgeon wants to evict the current tenants, thus forcing members to euthanize or surrender their horses. This is FALSE.

Myth: The Marina Equestrian Center Park is operated by an all volunteer horse cooperative. This is FALSE.

How did we get here? We believed the myth of the horse co-op until we were told we could not address the hazardous conditions or repair the deteriorating structures.

Why would a legitimate co-op not permit a member to pay a professional to address these dangerous conditions? Why would a legitimate co-op not want to increase public awareness, engagement and revenue?

Although the City has been aware of the need for changes for a number of years, the organization continually rejected all proposed improvements in a desperate attempt to maintain the status quo. This desperation has led to threats, harassment, slander, breaking and entering, nails in hay, nails in bedding and more. Why? Because we demanded the truth be told for the public, for the history, for the horses and for the future.

What keep us going? YOU, the public. This magnificent facility was gifted by our Federal Government to the City of Marina twenty-two years to serve all of its residents. Exposure to horses and other animals enrich the lives of everyone they touch. What communities in Monterey County need that more than Marina, Seaside and Salinas others surrounding the park? Our vulnerable children, veterans, at risk youth, disabled, elderly and other disadvantaged groups deserve to be included as well. The facility could and should be bustling with activities seven days a week with a long list of recreational programs serving the entire community.

As Mayor Delgado stated in 2012, “Right now there’s a few hundred people that may use it in a year. It could be several thousand people. And that could translate into more outdoor time for families in Marina, which we very much need.” What happened for eight years? Almost the entire membership and the current Board of the MEA have been there since this article. Imagine if they embraced their job eight years ago?

Whether you and your loved ones want to engage with animals, learn about history and science or participate in a long list of activities, this 35 acre park was gifted to serve you! We are holding out to create a wonderful space for our community and make our vision a reality.

Thank you for reading, and please consider supporting us by registering and/or making a donation.


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